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Birth Story Photography

Birth Story Photography

As a  mother of four and Registered Nurse, I have a found a deep love for photographing the birthing mother.  A birth story is one of THE most important and fulfilling types of photography that I offer.  I have been given the honor of capturing and piecing together many truly amazing birth stories. A birth film is something beautiful not only for yourself to see the whole day unfold from a different perspective, but these memories are preserved for you to share with friends & family, and hopefully even your child someday. How amazing would it be for you to see a beautiful video of the day YOU were born?

You can bet that I will have to dry my eyes during your time with me as birth sits deep in my soul. My passion for birth came out of my own 4 amazing miracles and the story surrounding each one of their beautiful little faces. I have delivered vaginally, via c-section, via VBAC so I have experience and love for each and every way your baby will make it’s way earth side. It is my honor to document this right of passage for you as a woman, and milestone for your family as it grows and changes. Thank you for considering me for this amazing time in your life. These will be images that you treasure and relive for many years to come.


Birth Story Investment


Your investment includes photography of active labor (approx 4-5cm dilated) through up to 2 hours after delivery. On-call services from 38-41 weeks gestation. Digital images telling your birth story delivered in an online gallery for sharing, viewing, and download with a full print release as well as  USB drive of those images. Custom birth highlight slideshow set to music for download and sharing. 6X6 linen album of up to 50 of your favorite images telling your birth story.

$250 non-refundable retainer with signed contract due at booking with balance due within 48 hours of delivery.


You can view two of our birth story slideshows here:

The Birth of Elea  

The Birth of Wyatt 


Below is a list of frequently asked questions that will help you to get an understanding of how I will approach your birth story.


What is the benefit to hiring a birth photographer?  Birth is a very raw, emotional, amazing time… many mom’s would describe it as time warp!!  By having a photographer present, not only can your partner, family, & friends be more helpful to you, but they can also be more fully present in the experience itself.  You as the mother often times cannot see all that is happening because you are so focused on the task at hand!!  I am able to carefully document each step of the way, and heirloom you will treasure for a lifetime.


What is included in your Birth Story package?   As we know, babies come when they are ready.  First and foremost, you have my on-call availability in the weeks before and after your due date.  I will be with you from active labor whether you are at a hospital, birthing center, or at home until approximately 2 hours after your baby’s birth to capture those first raw intimate moments. You will receive a private online gallery for viewing, sharing, and  download of the images with a full print release for those images as well as a photo slideshow set to music for you to share on social media within 48 hours of delivery, JIP blog post of your birth story if desired, and a 6×6 linen album of 5o of your favorite images to tell your birth story.


What is your turn around time for my images?  Your slideshow will be available for download and share no more than 48 hours after delivery. Typically, I will have your images complete and gallery uploaded within 2 weeks of your birth. Your album will take approximately 7-10 business days once you have finalized your images.


How would you describe your editing style for this type of photography?   As you might be able to tell from my portfolio, I feel that these images most commonly tell the best story in black and white. Due to low light situations, they often do look the best as well as allow you to focus on the moment vs the distractions of the rooms in the background. You can expect for at least 95% of your images to be in black and white. If the lighting situation allows, you will have more color images.  I very lightly retouch my birth images because I want them to tell the real story.  You should expect images that show what things were really like, very little touching up is done.


When is it best to book my Birth Story?  Being that I shoot a very limited amount of births in a month as well as a very busy studio schedule, it is recommended to book and secure your spot on my calendar as soon as you know you would like for me to be there. Ideally this is within your second trimester. We can chat via email, phone, over coffee or cupcakes, or even at a maternity session!


When do you come and how long do you stay after the baby arrives?  I will be in touch with you along the way after each doctor appointment in your last trimester as well as at the first signs of labor. Once your labor is confirmed, I usually head to the hospital when you are about 4-5 cm dilated and stay through the first hour or two after delivery. If you are a scheduled c-section, I will arrive approximately 30 minutes prior and will stay 1-2 hours afterwards. This gives me time to document many of the little, important details that you will want to remember later… as well as be a part of the delicate birth environment before labor intensifies.  Giving birth is a very vulnerable and intimate event.  Walking into your “zone” once you are in it can upset the balance and be undesirable.  It’s helpful to begin the journey along with you.  I am respectful during your birth and will be as invisible as you need me to be.


What can we do to help insure the best photos possible?    Please give me as much advanced notice as possible when you think you might be in labor.  I know this is not always possible, but it is greatly appreciated when it is.   For home births, please do not use white or light colored towels for after the baby is born.  Darker colors actually make the photos look better as your baby’s skin will pop off the dark back ground and well, it’s just easier to photograph too! Keeping in regular contact with me and sharing your desires for your birth story will help bring your vision to life.


What if I don’t want “everything” photographed?  I have clients will all different comfort levels regarding their birth images.   Some mothers want to see everything in their photos, others would prefer I stay by their heads and take the photos from that discreet perspective.  I will honor your wishes.   Birth is a miracle, and trust me you will want to relive and remember every detail years down the road.  After all, these photos are very intimate and we will only  share the ones you want us to.


Do you photograph Cesarean births?  Yes, I do!   Some hospitals/doctors are concerned with having a photographer in the room.  We can discuss a few ways to introduce this idea to your physician and be sure they are on board with having me there.  In the end though, I have to abide by their policies and so it is important that you discuss all the possible scenarios with your care providers and hospitals.


Are there any times that you are NOT on call?   Yes, I will not will not be on call on any of my children’s or husband’s birthdays (January 11, May 1, March 27, June 29, Sept 3, December 28), Thanksgiving Day, or Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.  Thank you for understanding!


What happens if you miss the birth?   If I am given a reasonable amount of notice and called at the very beginning of labor, I will do everything in my power not miss it.  But, quick labors DO happen and at that point you can choose what you’d like for me to do.  I can photograph the postpartum time after the baby is born like I would normally and you will still owe the full amount, you can use your credit towards a studio newborn session, or you can tell me not to come at all and there will be no balance due.  I do not refund retainer fees because I am making myself available to you and will live in an on-call status for several weeks at the time surrounding your birth.  Again, call me at the beginning of labor and this will rarely be an issue.  Please note that I myself have 4 children to get settled and absolutely MUST have advanced notice.  Intentionally waiting until labor gets intense, transition, or the pushing phase will likely result in a missed birth.  It’s called a Birth “Story” because I want to be there to capture all of it!


You are also a portrait photographer as well, what if I call you to come to my birth when you have another session scheduled?   My portrait clients understand that I am a birth photographer.  If I am called to your birth, I will contact my clients to reschedule their sessions.


Do you offer gift certificates?   Yes, I do.  Please contact me if you’d like to purchase one.


Do you offer discounts for multiple bookings, i.e. maternity, newborn, baby plan package sessions?   Yes, I offer multiple packages that can include birth plus a studio newborn session or your baby’s first year. I do also give discounts for other sessions purchased for birth story clients. Contact me and we can chat about a custom package for you!