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Frequently Asked Questions

I have compiled a list of questions here that are most frequently sent in. Please take a look!

If you do not find what you are looking for, you can use the Contact section or email me at info@jaciiles.com and I would be more than happy to chat! 


Q.  There seem to be a lot of photographers who say they “specialize” in newborns. Should I just look for the one with the best prices?

 Price is always at the forefront of any consumers mind, but you have to remember the old saying, “You get what you pay for.” Going with the least expensive photographer is not a good way to determine who will take your baby’s portraits. Most often the least expensive photographer is also the least experienced photographer. You have to remember; this photographer will be handling, posing, and soothing your baby. It’s not just about taking the pictures, it’s making sure you are working with someone who a) knows how to appropriately handle newborns in general, b) considers the safety of your baby first and c) will provide you with a beautiful final product.

Q.  What should I look for in a newborn photographer?

 The most important thing is for you to look through their portfolio for certain criteria.

1.  The pictures should be classic and timeless in nature.

These portraits will hopefully be an heirloom you will pass on to future generations.  Pictures that show off the latest fads such as vignette, textured backgrounds, and selective coloring (when all of the picture is black and white except for one small part that remains in color) – will look dated in a few years.

2.  The baby should be the focus of the portraits.

When you look through the pictures, ask yourself “What is the first thing I notice?”  Are you marveling at how precious the baby is, or finding yourself distracted amidst scenes of fake flowers, huge headbands, tutus, stuffed animals etc.?

Often, the less “stuff” or props that are in the pictures, the better the photographer is.  They have the ability to skillfully pose your baby so that he/she is the sole focus of your portraits.

3.  The baby should look comfortable, relaxed, and peaceful in the portraits.

As in all portraits, the facial expression is very important.  Newborns are so pliable and can be put into all kinds of amazing positions in their first couple weeks of life.  A skilled photographer will be able to pose the baby tucked with their feet up by their chin, accompanied by a peaceful, sleepy – even sometimes smiling face.

Q: What areas of photography do you provide:

A: I specialize in maternity through the first year which also includes birth, newborn, and children one and under.  Family mini-sessions are offered during peak photography seasons such as fall and spring and are announced via our JIP Client Facebook Page (you can join here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/775758822479100/) and the JIP blog.


Q: Do you offer all inclusive bundle packages for newborn sessions plus other sessions like birth, Fresh 48, maternity, or milestones?

A: I sure do! We have a Baby Plan package that covers maternity, newborn, sitter milestone, and 1 yr as well as a package that covers birth, maternity, & newborn! You can email me for more information on those. 


Q: Do you have a studio for newborns or can you come to our home? 

A: YES and NO! 🙂 I do have a home studio located in Shreveport that is open for newborns and small children only. If you are interested in holding your session in your home, I recommend a lifestyle session. For newborns, lifestyle sessions do  NOT include any props from my studio and we will focus more on the simplicity and perfection of your new blessing as well as the interaction between your family. Please be sure that your home has ample natural light in the areas we will utilize as I do not bring lighting to these sessions.



Q: How much will our newborn session with JIP cost?

A: First to book your session with us, you will sign a contract and pay a $175 retainer fee. This fee guarantees that I can get you in for your session within 21 days of delivery and includes a fully styled studio session, use of our extensive prop collection, as well as the time and talent of Jaci. This session fee does NOT include any prints or digital images. Once your session is complete, you will return to the studio with 14 days for your View and Order appointment. We do require that you make a purchase of at least $250 from this guide: www.jaciiles.com/artinvestment at this appointment . So your total minimum cost is $175 + $250. On average, JIP clients typically invest approximately $800- $1200 in digital images, prints, wall art, and products from their newborn session.



Q: How far in advance do I need to book my session? How can I book a newborn session if I don’t know when the baby will arrive?

A: I suggest that you book 2-3 months prior to your due date. I understand that often life sneaks up on us and before you know it, there’s a brand new little baby in your arms.  I will do my best to get you in at any time, but a date can not be guaranteed unless you book in advance. Newborn sessions are most commonly booked in the second trimester and are “penciled” in for your due date. This guarantees that I will get you in within 3 weeks after your baby is born. Dates are adjusted once your child arrives and we will be in contact throughout your pregnancy. You are always more than welcome to contact me if you have found me after your child is born, but sweet sleepy newborn photos can never be guaranteed. We accept only 10 due dates per month to ensure that we can provide quality images in a timely manner and the best experience to our JIP family.


Q: Why do we have to do our newborn session within the first 21 days?

A: Newborns are very flexible, sleepy little angels and let’s face it, we can make them do some ADORABLE things! All of those sweet little poses that you see and fall in love with, are taken very early on. After about 21 days, your baby begins to be more alert and much less flexible which becomes a safety issue. I do not photograph newborns in props such as baskets, buckets, stools etc. that are not in a deep sleep. Our session will be with your baby’s safety as my first priority. I also do not photograph newborns with “normal” clothes on. I do have custom sets such as little pants, rompers, etc that are specifically made for newborns that you will have use of during your session. These sessions generally last 1-3 hours, so please come patient and prepared. Mom, Dad, and siblings are encouraged to join in for a few shots as well as no additional charge. I do most of my images while baby is asleep, however I will capture some moments if your baby is awake **if they cooperate**. Awake babies aren’t easily able to be posed or photographed which again brings out a safety issue.


Q: Do you provide the props or do we need to bring that in?

A. Your session fee includes access to hundreds of props in our studio including buckets, baskets, hats, pants, blankets, wraps, headbands, etc. Your session will include the use of items selected by Jaci that coordinate with the color scheme and style that you would like to achieve. Once your baby has arrived approximately 7 days before your session you will receive a questionnaire to complete where you will choose your colors, props, and other options that we offer during our sessions. Not every baby will cooperate with every pose or prop. We will adjust to your baby. I never force a baby to do anything that they don’t want to or feel comfortable doing. Your session may last anywhere from 1-3 hours. Some babies sleep very soundly for their session and are finished in an hour, while others tend to need more soothing and take longer. We will not go beyond 3 hours under any circumstances. My back, your sanity, and your sweet baby’s patience just can’t take it!


Q: How often do you recommend photographing my children?

A: There are 3 stages in the first year that I feel are worth investing in. Newborn, 6 months (or sitting safely unassisted) and 1 year. I do not photograph babies less than 6 months as they are difficult to capture in flattering poses and catch their interest.  After this 1st year, I recommend seasonal mini-sessions such as Spring/Fall that are a great and inexpensive way to capture those two missing front teeth, that growth spurt, or specific stage your child may be going through. I do recommend family pictures yearly if you are able to invest in them. Time passes so quickly and we are not guaranteed next year. Please make memories of your family while they are still here.


Q: How do I book my session?

A: Please use the CONTACT tab at the top of the page to put in your initial request to work with us. Once we have settled on a date and chatted about specifics, I will send you a booking proposal via email.  Your session fee is due at the time of this proposal and it must be completed to reserve your date. If you need to make payment arrangements, I would be happy to work with you, but communication is a necessity. If you do not complete the proposal, your date is available for others. Our emails often go to your spam folder, so please check there. We do our very best to provide prompt replies within 24 hours. You are always welcome to call or text as well, but PLEASE be sure to check your emails as this will be our primary form of communication.


Q: How long after our session will we have our images?

A: After your session,  we will set a date/time for you to come in for your View and Order appointment within 14 days of your session. You can expect to see a sneak peek on Facebook within 2-3 days of your session date. If you do not want your images posted on FB, please let me know. I will then manually sort through each of your images and choose the best images to provide you with a variety of images to select from. I  will then fully retouch each of these images. When you come back for your View and Order appointment, you will see each of your images for the first time. After viewing, you will then choose from the Art Investment Guide to make your selection. I will offer my professional guidance based on your needs, wants, and budget. We offer beautiful wall art as well as heirloom albums, birth announcements, and digital images. Each of these products will be available at your ordering appointment for you to view. We require a minimum order of $250 from the investment guide at your ordering appointment. Once your order has been placed, you can expect to receive any products within 7-10 business days. Digital image purchases are available same day. 


Q: If we purchase the digital images, can we print anywhere?

A: If you purchase any digital images you will receive a print release which will allow you to print your images at a location of your choice. However,  I highly recommend purchasing enlargements from your online gallery instead  chain stores such as Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Snapfish, Shutterfly etc. as they greatly reduce the quality, color, clarity and often crop of your images. Our professional prints are very reasonably priced and will show the true quality of your images. After all, this is an investment and a piece to be displayed in your home. You want the best! We also have custom framing options as well! Our prints start at $25 and our canvas’ start at $100. Our digital download option of 10 images is $375 and all images are $650. We do not give copyright releases, only a print release. You are not allowed to crop, alter, edit or change the picture in any form. This includes filters on Facebook and Instagram. All images to social media sites require credit to JIP in either the name or  description.


Q: Can I get a copy of my images un-edited and just edit them myself?

A: No, I do not sell  un-edited work as it does not correctly display a final images of JIP and any changes to your images included crops, color adjustments, text, digital frames etc are against the copyright law.


Q:  What do I need to do if I have to reschedule?

A: I completely understand that with a crazy hectic life that things happen. I will be in contact with up until your session date and if you need to reschedule for any reason, please contact me as soon as you know. You are allowed to reschedule for convenience one time and your session fee is transferred. No hard feelings, things come up and I totally understand! I do ask if your child is sick before the session, please let me know so that we can reschedule. Sick sleepy babies do not make for good pictures and our time is valuable. I would rather you spend it at home rocking your sweet babies and I’ll do the same until we can get them better and back to themselves!

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