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Do you have one of those “fancy” cameras that stuffed in the closet somewhere that you are either too afraid to put to good use or you just don’t understand all of those crazy buttons?Do you ever find that your photos just aren’t turning out as good as you would like them to be? Wish that you could have those professional looking photographs of all of those sweet day to day moments that you can’t hire a professional for?


Come let me show you the basics of learning how to use that fancy camera OFF OF AUTO mode and really get happy with your snaps!


What you need:


1.) ANY DSLR Camera

2.) The desire to learn how to use your camera and take better pictures of your every day life!


What we will cover:


1.) Equipment – what to buy, Nikon vs Canon

2.) Organizing and storing your files

3.) 5 simple steps to get happy with your snaps

4.) How to lose 10 pounds IN the camera EVERY TIME!

5.) 3 basic manual settings: ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed – what they mean & how to use them


This class is 1 hr 45 mins long


Included is a digital download video, power point presentation, course outline, cheat sheet card, & access to the private Snap Happy with Jaci Facebook group!


You can also email and chat with Jaci about any of your questions!





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