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Snap Happy Basic Camera Course

Snap Happy Basic Camera Course


Digital Download Version

This class is offered as a self paced home study coarse.

What we will cover:


1.) Equipment – what to buy, Nikon vs Canon

2.) Organizing and storing your files

3.) 5 simple steps to get happy with your snaps

4.) How to lose 10 pounds IN the camera EVERY TIME!

5.) 3 basic manual settings: ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed – what they mean & how to use them


This class is 1 hr 45 mins long


Included is a digital download video, power point presentation, course outline, cheat sheet card, & access to the private Snap Happy with Jaci Facebook group!


You can also email and chat with Jaci about any of your questions!

This course is not intended for professional or aspiring professional photographers. This course does not cover any information on starting, running, or maintaining a professional photography business or posing techniques for any style of professional photography.


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